Syria is now open for American tourists.

By Xavier Raychell Blancharde

Since Covid border restrictions were imposed in 2020 by the Syrian government, it has been almost impossible for Americans to enter Syria. Well, at least to enter the areas of Syria controlled by the government. Even when Syria reopened to tourism in 2021, visas for Americans were not being issued.

Well, that’s no longer the case, as the Syrian government is now issuing visas for American citizens to visit Syria for tourism. The process is, however, slightly more complicated than for other citizens, and it takes more time. For this reason, we are charging US citizens a slightly higher amount to join our Syria tours. However, it is now possible! This is great news for the many Americans that have been constantly asking when Syria will reopen for Americans.

Restrictions for foreign tourists in Syria remain, however, with almost all foreign visitors having to book a tour with a licensed tour operator in Syria in order for the visa to come through. Once the pre-approved visa is issued, it will be given to you upon arrival at the Syrian borders.

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