Our tour group in front of the Ummayad Mosque in Damascus, January 2022

Having been running group trips and tailored tours to both Syria and Iraq since 2018, we have some of the best experience in the matter and deep knowledge of local contacts. Most trips are run by Xavier, an Arabic speaking Brit that has spent years in the region and knows both Syria and Iraq well. In Iraq, trips are run with with Ahmed Maan Al Mudhaffar, while in Syria trips are run with Golden Team group. We also look to be running trips to Algeria in the near future.

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If you’d prefer a private tour, or you’d like to suggest new/different group tour dates, please contact us by email or WhatsApp ( // +447905681636).

We arrange visas, entry permissions, accommodation, transport and more for you. And are groups are always accompanied by a fun, knoweldgable and down-to-earth local guide. You can check out what to expect from one of our group tours by clicking the following link:

We have trips to Syria and Iraq throughout the year, and some of our tours visit very interesting destinations and festivals. For instance, we were the first tourists to go to Maarat Al Naaman and Ebla ruins in Idlib since the war started, as well as part of the first foreign tourist group to visit Quneitra in the Golan Heights and Hatra in northern Iraq. Furthermore, we take our tourists to see local religious festivals, ceremonies and traditions. For instance, the Arbaeen pilgrimage in Iraq and the Day of the Cross festival in Maaloula, Syria. 

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*Deposits are non-refundable unless your visa is rejected, or we are forced to cancel the trip due to Covid-related reasons or otherwise.*