Tours To Unusual Destinations

With Syria and Iraq being our speciality destinations, “Travelling The Unknown” is a travel company that organises off the beaten track tours to places that people might know little about, or have the wrong impressions. These tend to be places that the media misrepresents, or omits completely. Currently, the focus has been on Syria and Iraq, where we’re running regular group tours since 2018, which aim to reduce the cost for independent travellers and take you to hidden gems that you would otherwise be unlikely to discover.

During our tours, you will have an Arabic-speaking Western tour leader, as well as local Syrian and Iraqi guides to accompany you and ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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We also publish travel-related content covering travels to North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and other places! Our blog is about places that most would not consider holiday destinations, and places where most people would not go.

Below are some of my docuvlogs, as well as other travel-related videos I’ve uploaded on YouTube.

Below is an interactive map of the countries which I’ve blogged about. It won’t work on some smart phones unless desktop view is on.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my posts, trips or destinations.