Top 4 Boutique Hotels in Damascus 2023

By Xavier Raychell Blancharde

The old city of Damascus, Syria, is filled with some of the world’s most charming hotels. Many traditional Arabic houses across the old city, some of them dating back to the 1600s, have been converted into hotels in Damascus, giving you the opportunity to live as old aristochratic families did in the past. Almost all of these houses have an Iwan, a closed-off courtyard in the middle of the house, and also a fountain in the middle. Many of the rooms in these hotels have old Islamic calligraphy engraved into the walls, as well as many other fine details which make you feel as though you have been transported back in time. As someone that runs tours to Syria, as well as Iraq, I have had the pleasure of visiting and staying in many Damascus hotels. As such, I have compiled a list of some of my favourite hotels, all of which are located in the the old city and close to the city’s most important tourist attractions.

  1. Beit Al Mamlouka
Beit Al Mamlouka Hotel in Damascus, Syria.

This hotel is probably my favourite in old Damascus, and one of my favourite in the world. Not only is the architecture of the building spectacular, but the service is also above and beyond. Furthermore, the rooms are truly gorgeous – staying in them is akin to sleeping in a real-life museum! The details and history of the place are amazing, and believe it or not, they even have a resident turtoise that wonders around the hotel. My groups have stayed in this hotel on multiple occasions and it’s common for them to tell me that it’s the nicest hotel they’ve ever stayed in. Furthermore, they have recently opened a sister hotel called Dar Al Mamlouka which also also stunning.

2. Beit Al Wali

Beit Al Wali Hotel in Damascus, Syria

This architectural gem is yet another fantastic place to stay. Architecturally, it is very similar to Beit Al Mamlouka, but it is slightly larger, and in my opinion, it has less of a cosy feel about it. Regardless, it remains one of the top hotels in Damascus, with fantastic service and delicious breakfast.

3. Talisman Hotel

Talisman Hotel in Damascus, Syria

This hotel is remarkably different from the others in that it has a gorgeous pool in the centre of their courtyard. In a similar manner to many Damascene houses, the building looks rather plain from the street, but once you walk in, it is as if you have entered some sort of paradise. Originally belonging to a Damascense Jewish citizen, Talisman hotel boasts having hosted many international celebrities in the past, including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, during their visit to Syria before the war.

4. Emar Hotel

Emar Hotel in Damascus, Syria

Famous for their delicious breakfast (honestly, I think the best out of any hotel in Damascus), this hotel is another good choice for visitors in Damascus. It’s located nearby some of the city’s best nightlife, yet it’s tucked away in a side road, preventing the noise from disturbing your sleep. It’s rooms are top-notch, but the hotel doesn’t quite bring you back in time as much as the others on this list.

All in all, if you’re thinking of coming to Syria with us, rest assured that we chose the best quality hotels for our guests, whether they decide to come on a private tour or on one of our group trips. We also help our guests have the most unique local experiences that are not usually on offer on Syria tours, such as homestay experiences and hidden places.

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